03 Feb
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Hello folks, my name is Mathews, and I a professional banker and an overall experience of 25 years in the banking industry.  I started my career at the age of 21 after Graduation and in our golden childhood era, we used to play and be involved in almost every outdoor game.  The physical activities of childhood and even after being in the professional field, keeps me fit and slip.  Additionally, the pressure in the banking industry does not allow me to gain any weight.  However, the time has changed and our kids are more into indoor games and are more interested in spending their time on mobiles and laptops. This is almost the problem of every home.   I can assure all of you that the group of my age is fitter and smarter than the children of this era.   I wish to share my experience of getting out of this problem with you, as it might benefit most of you.  A friend of mine in the Bank has suggested me to get some physical exercise equipment at home, which is not only useful for the slow kids but the entire family can be benefitted from this.  On his suggestion, I visited the online chapter of fitness equipment and the top of the list is SportTech who are offering various types of physical fitness machines with a discount of 40% through Sportstech gutschein Code.

I have a 17 years son studying at his A level and like all his family and school friends, always busy on the mobile and laptop and wasting his time on different games.  There is no such physical activity facility available in our nearby and he becomes bulky and gains weight beyond the required standards of his height and age.   I and my wife both worried about his laziness and the excess of screens is also affecting the eyes as well.   So I decided to have some weighing machines at home, which can attract him and address our concerns.

SportsTech has a huge range of products and getting one or two machines from this list is a difficult task for me.   I visited a nearby Gym and ask the Instructor about the right choice for us.  He recommends having an Indoor Exercise Bike at the initial level and get an Innovative Weigh Bench if the budget allows.  So I decided to book a “SportsTech Indoor Exercise Bike” and applied on the user-friendly online desk of SportsTech.

Sportstech Gutscheincode

The order was delivered at home within a week with a detailed booklet which covers each and function functions of the Cycle, as this is almost All in One Master Piece.   There is no need for me to call any help from SportsTech or any friend, as I am good enough to understand the instructions given in the booklet.   When the cycle was installed and I start using different options, it attracts my son, and he also starts playing with the machine, in his own style. However, I advise him to follow the instructions given in the booklet and don’t use the machine over and above the given instructions.

Luckily, the idea works and he starts using the machine in the morning and evening regularly and I was satisfied that he almost leaves the screen for at least an hour.  The features of the Cycle are also valuable for resolving the problem, as he calls his friends and spends his time more on the exercise.

Now we can see the difference in the body language and attitude of our son and he becomes getting smart and smarter day by day.

A special thanks to SportsTech for resolving our concerns towards our Son.

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